President’s Message 12 October 2020

Last time we met we had an amazing presentation by Author and motivational speaker, Dinaaz Lentin. Dinaaz wrote a book called ‘Battle Scars’ based on her own life story. To hear her tell her story and all that she has overcome shows that tenacity and a positive attitude can achieve incredible things.

Due to last weekend being a long weekend, we did not meet, but this week we hit the ground running with another terrific speaker, author Deborah Bedford. We thank Rotarian Chris R for organizing another inspiring speaker. Deborah wrote the book ‘Father: the inspiring story of Englishman James Stevens who rescued thousands of the poorest children from the slums of Kolkata’. I have a copy of Deborah’s book for anyone who would like to borrow it.



Next week the Claudia Devlin, CEO of Youth Connections will be coming to speak with us. Youth Connections assists around 7,000 young people aged between 12 and 25 each year across 4 regions and 10 Local Government Areas by providing a wide range of wrap around support services for youth. They support youth through periods of transition by offering services in education, training, job readiness, employment, housing, and skills for living.


During this Covid pandemic, we have been able to help our friends at Port Klang (Malaysia) with raising funds for masks.


This was the letter that we received and responded to without hesitation:




It is with sadness that we have received a note from the President of Lower Blue Mountains, Michele Ellery regarding the passing of PDG David Cook. She writes:

It is our sad duty to announce the passing of Past District Governor David Cook of the Rotary Club of Lower Blue Mountains.

David was widely known throughout the Rotary Family in Australia and New Zealand – and internationally through his Lower Blue Mountains service and dedication to The Rotary Foundation.

A former Apexian, he commenced his Rotary career with Canberra South before joining Lower Blue Mountains in 1995.

David shared all aspect of his outstanding Rotary career with his wife Carolyn – hosting of Youth Exchange students, Group Study team leadership, vocational guidance on Australia’s Rotary Insurance scheme, and of course an excellent year of gubernatorial leadership in 2011/12. The Australian Gnome Convention on Australia Day in Glenbrook was David’s unique concept and spread his fame all over the world!


Berowra Rotary Club is having their annual plant sale on Saturday 7 November. We encourage you all to support our friends at Berowra and to spread the news of their fundraiser far and wide!


Yours in Rotary Service, Kylie