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 It has been a couple full-on weeks in regard to Rotary.

 We had a marvellous Zoom meeting with the Rotary Club of Port Klang.  Not only did we get to put faces with the names of their members, but we also were brought up to date with the good that RC Port Klang does in their community.  They really are an active Club.  The meeting was so good that we are working to have meetings with them periodically. Additionally, we are looking at including Rotary Club of Dunedin. Thank you to Sivaraj for organising the recent meeting and for arranging the upcoming ones.

 A couple items to note from last night’s Board meeting:

  • The Board has determined that it is appropriate for a “White Card” to be circulated for Sophie Minott.  I will put together information about her, in conjunction with Gail, and we will circulate that information with the electronic version of our “White Card”.  Dennis has also spoken with other potential members.  We will find out more in due course.
  • We are looking at doing a joint Pride of Workmanship event with RC Port Klang & RC Dunedin.
  • There will be no formal Christmas gathering due to COVID-19 restrictions.  However, we are keeping our options open for an event toward the end of January 2021.
  • Magpies can accomodate groups of 15 in The Shamrock, and 50 in the Black & White Room.  There may be consideration given for an informal, small, get together taking advantage of this availability.  

It is with regret that The Board has accepted Kylie's resignation as President of our Club.  From yesterday, Kylie is on indefinite leave.  She will keep in touch with us, and we will welcome her return if/when she feels it appropriate.  I have passed on our collective offers of support, which she appreciated whilst requesting to not be inundated with calls and messages she is snowed under with work, school, & life.  

Yours in Rotary service,