Tottenham's web site calls it "Tottenham is the Soul of the Centre in the Heart of NSW".

Not only are the residents extrordinary, but so is Tottenham's location... almost smack dab in the middle of New South Wales!

The Rotary Club of Hornsby District hosts year 10 students, once a year usually in November, in a work experience capacity.

Each student chooses three areas of interest, and we do our best to accomodate the first choice.  One year a student indicated they wanted to work on jet fighters; unfortunately we were unable to make that happen.

The kids are billeted by our members, and are given the opportunity to experience "The Big Smoke", as they call it.  Sometimes it is the first time they get to ride a train or see the ocean.

We've had students do work expereinces in fields from Hairdressing to working with the Mounted Police horses.

Sometimes the selected vocation is a good fit, but somtetimes the student decides it is NOT what they want to do.  Either resolution is a valuable experience.